D’Lo Gas Storage has received FERC approval of market-based rates for its services.

Transportation/Wheeling: Transfer of gas from an interconnected pipeline to another through a header (including exchanges), or by physical transfer over the transmission of a market center pipeline.

Parking: Short-term transaction in which the market center holds the shipper’s gas for redelivery at a later date.

Loaning: Short-term advance of gas to a shipper by a market center that is repaid in kind by the shipper a short time later. Also referred to as advancing, drafting, reverse parking, and imbalance solution.

Storage: Storage that is longer than parking, such as seasonal storage. Injection and withdrawal operations may be separately charged.

Peaking: Short-term (usually less than a day and perhaps hourly) sales of gas to meet unanticipated increases in demand or shortages of gas experienced by the buyer.

Balancing: Short-term interruptible arrangement to cover a temporary imbalance situation. The service is often provided in conjunction with parking and loaning.

Title Transfer: Service in which changes in ownership of a specific gas package are recorded by the market center. Title may transfer several times for some gas before it leaves the center. The service is merely an accounting or documentation of title transfers that may be done electronically, by hard copy, or both.

Administration: Assistance to shippers with the administrative aspects of gas transfers, such as nominations and confirmations.

Risk Management: Services that relate to reducing the risk of price changes to gas buyers and sellers, for example, exchange of futures for physicals.

Hub to Hub Transfers: Arranging simultaneous receipt of a customer’s gas into a connection associated with one center and an instantaneous delivery at a distant connection associated with another center.